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by Andy Hobkirk

These days, people expect the very highest levels of service and if their expectations are not met, they often vote with their cash and simply take their custom elsewhere. Also, in this age of instant mass communication, disgruntled customers can damage your firm’s reputation by slating you on social media websites and so on. Therefore, any imperfections in your service could lead to disastrous consequences.

Meanwhile, consumers also demand what they want when they want it. There is no room for tardiness in the modern marketplace. If your enterprise cannot deliver the goods they are after within a very short space of time, individuals may choose not to purchase items from you.

The good news is, there is no need to panic when it comes to such issues. While the expectations of the general public can seem extremely daunting and even unmanageable, there are ways of ensuring this endeavour is much easier.

For example, by making savvy use of fulfilment services, you can rest assured that the goods ordered by your customers will be delivered on time with no errors. This can take a huge weight off your shoulders. In contrast, if you try to make such logistical arrangements yourself, you might well encounter excessive levels of stress and mistakes may arise.

Here at SKU we are fully aware of the pressure placed on businesses by their customers and we go out of our way to ensure that our clients are able to meet these expectations.
Our order fulfilment services are second to none. We know that you are only as good as your last delivery and are committed to making all your deliveries perfect.

Thanks to our fulfilment assistance, you can rest assured your orders will be picked, packed and despatched without issue.


A Fulfilment Company You Can Rely On – Fullfilment – SKU Group Blog

By Andy Hobkirk

When you’re looking for fulfilment companies that can take charge of your order picking, packing and distribution operations, you want to get the best deal possible. Obviously, you’d prefer not to have to pay more to outsource this area of your activity than it would cost to continue doing it in-house. We boast competitive prices for both fulfilment and e-fulfilment, making it much cheaper to use our service than it would be to continue paying for the warehouse, staff and equipment required to do it yourself. Even if you’re with another fulfilment company, we bet that we’re still cheaper.

The reason we can offer such great prices is because we spread the cost over multiple clients, meaning that stock is stored in the same fully insured and secure warehouse, and uses the same equipment and staff. We also get great delivery rates for both national and international shipping services, so this all equates to a great price for your order fulfilment.

That said, we know that price isn’t everything when it comes to providing such an important service for your business. It is essential to look at the level of accuracy that a fulfilment company has, because a high error percentage will cost your business a lot of money in the long run. We are proud to have a rate of 100% accuracy when it comes to picking and packing orders, thanks to our world class order processing system. We also use trusted and reliable carriers for shipping and distribution.