How The Growth Of Outsourced Fulfilment Services Can Help Promote Business – SKU Group

By Andy Hobkirk

Today’s marketplace demands more, thanks to the rise of internet commerce customers expect faster deliveries without compromising quality or pushing expenses. All of these factors have an effect on businesses who ultimately have to find innovative solutions to these demands. However, while customer expectations have increased, so have the number of fulfilment services.

What Does These Services Do?

With word of mouth and reputation being the cornerstone of a successful business it is crucial that each delivery is perfect. Order fulfilment is therefore a priority for both large and small organisations and outsourcing these orders to a more experienced team is a benefit to any company as they will have the know-how required to provide the best results.

As well as experience, an external company will also have the tools and equipment necessary to facilitate growth in a controllable way. For example, a business may find itself running short of popular products and realise that external storage and management needs to be enforced. An outsourcing company can set up monitoring and ordering systems to take care of these issues and ensure that products are in constant supply. They can also provide safe storage for goods in a warehouse with 24 hour security.

How Does It Work Around An Existing Business?

Each outsourcing task is specially modified to suit the demands of a particular business, this will make the most of a company’s finances by ensuring that money is not spent where it is not needed. An organisation can therefore benefit from order tracking, returns handling and a real time visibility of inventory amongst other services, should they be required.

By utilising the skills and resources mentioned above, it may be difficult to see how order fulfilment operations work out as cost effective. Each step of the retail operation is assessed from supply to sale to ensure that returns are sustainable and on budget. Use of the warehouse facilities is a flexible solution with short term, seasonal and long term arrangements available.

The traceability of stock also makes sure that orders can be monitored, which in turn will streamline any returns or queries that customers may have. For a more internet orientated enterprise it is reassuring to know that the computer software available is easy to use and is quickly integrated with other systems.

Why It Works

Growth in terms of supply and brand has been achieved successfully in a number of cases. Usually a small team is sent to assess each task in order to truly appreciate how the best changes can be made effectively. This gives a clear picture of the essence of a company and how it needs to progress. Once this information has been obtained changes can begin immediately.

In a world where speed is paramount for business, outsourcing orders or internet commerce can produce swift results. With outsourcing being such a major investment for an organisation it is an important factor of the procedure that everyone, from the owners through to the customers, is satisfied.


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